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Our little fine food store has been in Calle del Mondo Novo, between Rialto and St. Mark, since 1940. At the beginning it was a dairy store which sold milk and dairy products: for this reason Venetians still know it with the name of Latteria Senigaglia.

In 1980, the Senigaglia family became the store owner; since then we, Isa and Marco, are running the shop.
We believe the success of our work is due, first of all, to our products' selection; therefore, our 30-year-old professional experience is a key to our achievements.
Having established and maintained a strong relationship with the suppliers turned out to be very useful: in this way we have known many taste experts and we are able to offer the best products of Italian quality gastronomy.

The familiar and willing manners in which we relate to our clients is probably the shop's main characteristic: as authentic venetians, we are naturally good-humored, also in foreign languages!
We speak English and French, obviously with our typical venetian drawling accent!

Every day we offer to our clients our skills and experience, so that their tables will never lack the good taste of Italian food!

Choose Prosciutto e Parmigiano in Venice: rely on our quality!








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