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Our shop shelves
are filled with:

selezioni monograno Felicetti pastas

pastificio Verrigni brass wire-drawing pastas

extra virgin oils from Liguria and Toscana

aromatic vinegar from Modena

wines from Trentino Alto Adige and Friuli Venezia Giulia

Pasta, extra virgin olive oil, aromatic vinegar, truffle and, last but not least, wine: you can find many specialities in our little fine-foods-store, and all of them own an unmistakable made-in-Italy flavour!

There's no shortage of spaghetti, bucatini, pennette and fusilli, all of them obtained from the best Italian wheat, such as the selezioni monograno Felicetti pastas, or brass wire-drawing pastas, such as those from Pastificio Verrigni.

Italy is a land of olive trees, and it boasts many native growings; from these sound, cold-pressed olives the extra virgin oils are extracted: our small but well-groomed selection, only includes PDO and PGI certified oils.

Though definitely different from each other, both of them are precious and rare dressings: the Aromatic Vinegar from Modena, aged 12 years, and the Summer Truffle (and many derived products, such as oil, butter, tagliatelle, sauces) are placed in the spotlight of our shop, tempting the foodies!

What to drink with such delicacies?
No problem: Marco and Isa will surely recommend the best wine to fully appreciate the Italian enogastronomy!


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